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Skills Gap a Major Issue among Employers

Skill-gapA latest survey by The Economic Times says that majority of employers in India are worried about present growing skills gap causing difficulty in finding qualified candidates to fill the openings.The current job market is fragile not only for job seekers, butalso for such businesses looking for the right skilled candidates. “The skills gap in India is an issue that is not going away anytime soon,” CareerBuilder India Managing Director Premlesh Machama said.

Out of another survey by CareerBuilder India, it suggests that 78 percent of employers are concerned about their businesses due to this growing skills gap. And 57 percent said despite having huge openings, they can’t fill the positions due to this issue. Reports says, the costs associated with the skills gap can add up quickly and have broader implications for business performance.

The disappearing connection between the needs of the employers and the skills that are available in the job market today causes workers and companies to miss out on realizing their full potential and creates multiple negative consequences for businesses such as productivity, work quality and thus revenue loss. As a result, more employers are investing in training programmes that would allow their business and employees to be more competitive.

This survey was conducted online this January 2014 and included a representative sample of 500 company HR Managers across industries and company sizes in India.