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Seven Ways To Make Yourself More Employable In Canada


Although it is possible for candidates to acquire a Canadian permanent resident application without a job offer as it is allowed under the current Federal Skilled Worker Program, gaining a valid job offer in advance remains an additional advantage for all who hope to get settled in Canada.

Bearing this in mind, it is beneficial to maximize your chances of finding employment in Canada. Doubtlessly, your success depends on your ability to realize what those Canadian employers want and are looking for; and successfully convince them that you have all the required skills, knowledge and sufficient experience. Here is a list of seven ways you can make yourself more employable in Canada.

1. Build your Canadian resume

An effective resume is your chance to make a strong first impression and show your potential value to an employer. It is essentially a marketing document in which you are the ‘product.’ Thus it is important for you to format your resume and CV in the Canadian style. Remember that if you do not present your skills in a way that they (the employers) expect, then there is only less chance for you to get a job offer.

2. Update your professional social networking presence

Building and maintaining online presence through social networking sites, is another key to your success. This will help you get in touch or connected with recruiters. Further these social networking sites remain a platform for you to discuss relevant issues with other members of your growing social network as well as in industry groups.

Apart from being a great method of communicating with others of the group, networking helps you learn from other experienced people in your field. Doubtlessly you will be able to create a strong first impression with your online presence. Visit CanadaVisa on social networking sites like LinkedIn to learn more about how effective online networking tool is.

3. Prepare applications suiting your desired job position

Always prepare application for the job you plan to apply. Sending the same application for 20 different positions does you no good but may make you fail. So take time to study what the position requires and prepare applications accordingly.

4. Know the job opportunities in the desired area

It never means that a region is fit for all sorts of occupations. So before you apply for the job, you should have a clear knowledge over the area and the available opportunities you will have there. For instance in a remote village area, the openings for an engineer might be low but a biologist might be very high. It is also advisable to know what the package is offered in that particular area as well.

5. Get Accredited

Occupations such as nursing and teaching or some trades, require the conversion of your accreditations to Canadian equivalents. In some instances or cases, you may need to take part in some additional training programs to get necessary accreditation for working in Canada.

6. Improve your language skills

It is quite natural that those who are having some other languages as their mother tongue to gain flow in English. However, if you wish to settle in Canada or any parts of it, you must make sure that you have gained a mastery over English. So, you should try your level best to improve your language skills. Remember that clear communication is possible only through proper use of language. All the more, you will have to get through an examination test conducted in English. (The sole exception is Quebec where you will have to face a test in French.)

7. Practice your interview techniques

Now the world has been moving along globalization. The recruiters get more applications and the candidates are being interviewed online via using Skype or other similar media, or over the telephone. It leads to a situation where only the best are chosen. So to make a feeling among the recruiters that you are fit for the job, you should start practicing interview skills right now.

Apart from what are being said above, remember that your confidence and maintaining positive attitude throughout your job search remains the key for your success. Wait patiently till you get the best result.