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Opportunity in IT – The Future

Krishnaraj S

In Today’s, IT Job scenario, the clear visual, we see is that candidates are running after technologies that are either irrelevant or those which are no more the primary job providers.

Whereas there is a complete lack of awareness among candidates, about areas which are offering extremely high job potential. Open Source and Linux constitutes one such fine area where absolute shortage of qualified candidates is being faced in the Industry. Most large organizations use open source software including governments and major corporates in the SMB segment as well as the premium Business segment. During the past decades the impact of cloud computing -based social networking portals and related services have changed the way we communicate and purchase. Based on facts, many of the prominent social media applications and the biggest and most prominent e-commerce service providers use open source as the base of their applications. Without open source, many of these organizations and companies will even cease to exist. Although many people are not aware, the Internet as a whole runs on open source software and we use it every day when we surf the net, communicate on social media , purchase, and do research activities on the net. Almost all leading Companies have open source as the foundation for their infrastructure and cloud-based services. From all the statistics, it seems that it is high time for our academic community to focus more on the career prospects of Linux and Open source rather than cling on to the slowly phasing out conventional technologies. The success stories of students who opted Linux as their path speaks tons about the career prospects and growth opportunities in this sector. As per Industry trends, the corresponding technology in any point of time rules the world for a decade and then gives way to an even better solution. In 1970 it was mainframe. In 1980 client server was introduced. 1990 witnessed the revolutionary concept of the Web. 2000 witnessed the introduction of SOA, (Service Oriented Architecture). 2010 saw the lunch of Cloud Computing and it is sure that Cloud will remain to be the technology of the decade.

About the Author:

An M.Phil in Journalism and Mass communication. He is presently pursuing his career as the PRO of ipsr solutions ltd. He is also a professional soft skills trainer. And he is also the Editor in Chief of the leading portal on Indian music, He is also a columnist of the Whiteline Journal, a magazine published from Mumbai. He is also one among the founder members of Indian Web Masters Organization (IWMO).