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B Tech Programs and their Scopes, An introductory note

Dr. Rajesh Joseph Abraham

aeroB. Tech. program in Aerospace Engineering is aimed at imparting sound knowledge in the fundamental areas of the discipline and also expose students to advanced applications of this knowledge. The students will get the specialized training in the design and development of launch vehicles, aircraft and space craft. This necessitates accurate theoretical and experimental analyses of a variety of phenomena, and performance predictions of a variety of complex systems.

Aerospace Engineering is the discipline which is closest to what is popularly known as Rocket Science. Graduates of the B Tech. program in Aerospace Engineering are equipped to undertake challenging work in the Aerospace Engineering Industry, in areas like propulsion systems, aerodynamic design, structural systems, precision manufacturing, etc.
In ISRO they – the students, do get a chance to work on very important and advanced projects. Only from this kind of experience with such important projects that they turn up capable of undertaking the responsibility of leading teams that design and develop aerospace subsystems and systems.

B. Tech Avionics Program

The B. Tech Avionics Program is primarily aimed at training students in the area of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Systems. The word Avionics is derived from Aviation Electronics. The quality and reliability of electronics used in aerospace electronics i.e. Avionics has to be very stringent. The academic activities emphasize deeper stress to fundamentals and greater thrust to enhance research ability to handle challenges in the field of electronics required for aerospace applications.
The curriculum and syllabus are structured so that the generic background in the field of electrical and electronic engineering and computer science are kept undisturbed. The Avionics curriculum includes a number of core Electronic and Electrical subjects like Control System, Digital Electronics, Communication, Computer systems and all other associated subjects.

B. Tech (Physical Science)

The B. Tech (Physical Science) program is primarily aimed at training students in fundamental areas of physical science for application in space sciences and technology. Space missions are always well-planned and driven by some definite science-goals and scientific objectives. The B. Tech program in Physical Sciences has been designed keeping such science requirements of space research in mind. The students enrolled in the B. Tech (Physical Science) program take introductory and advanced courses in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Remote Sensing, Earth System Science and Chemical Systems.

The students in the B. Tech (Physical Science program) could select any five subjects from these four following areas, viz. (a) Astronomy Astrophysics (b) Earth System Science (c) Remote Sensing, and (d) Chemical Systems which span across to broader areas of current and future space research, done not only by the Department of Space but by all other national and international institutions.

B. Tech admissions to IIST are purely done on merit-basis. Students are admitted according to their performance in the Joint Entrance Examination conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology. For more details and updates, visit

Dr. Rajesh Joseph Abraham is currently an Assistant Professor with the Department of Avionics at IIST.