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  • RHEL the Best Enterprise Distros of 2016

    Proprietary software was  a populist obsession among the tech lovers and tech-freaks till the advent of 21st century. Since the inception of the open source movement Linux has triggered a drastic revolution in the enterprise level as well as in the

  • Microsoft SQL Server now on Linux

    A snapshot of the recent headlines from the tech legend Microsoft discloses that they are in the process of bringing up a makeover on one of the most acclaimed SQL Server, the company’s flagship software database and most rewarding enterprise produ

  • The Richest Tech Billionaires in this Planet

    Forbes American business magazine have taken initiative to track the activities of the world’s richest individuals by deploying a global survey. The survey is intended to identify the most successful Tech Billionaires

  • IT Companies find hard to recruit right candidates

    “Water, Water Everywhere, but not a drop to drink”.This is the situation of many IT companies looking for talents from our campuses. It’s literally true that, number of engineering colleges in Kerala as well as the recruitment drives are increa

  • Promulgation of the hottest job skills 2015 – 16

    Cloud and distributed computing is now the most vibrant opportunity among the varied IT and IT enabled skills that gets hired by employers in India. This was revealed by Professional networking website LinkedIn in a survey on the mos

  • Indian IT industry heads to $350 billion by 2025: NASSCOM

    We are living in a tech driven age where almost all the industrial and commercial sectors get turned to tech companies to maintain their back-end system where important accounts, data and other vital detail are stored. Most of these enterprises thems

  • Recognizing the power of Python as the most rapid growing open source programming language

    Guido Van Rossum was born and grew up in Netherlands, where he received a master’s degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Amsterdam in 1982. He later worked for various research institutes like CWI, Amsterdam, NIST, Maryl

  • Automobile Cloud – Driving innovation and comfort

    Offering a new way of tracking road conditions, Cloud Technology have sensed the automobile users pulse, of steering the vehicle through a smooth and comfortable path. The contribution of cloud technology to the emerging industrial scenario is immens

  • Soft skills a vital requirement for the developer to get hired

    To be a good developer you need good coding skills and updated knowledge in multiple languages. But to get hired in a company these skills alone will not serve as a trump card that ensure placement. Definitely, Technical skills updated to fit the com

  • Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg plans to build Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Mr Zuckerberg said he would start to build the AI with technology that is already out there  “What I’m sure I did not do is come up with a plan for a personal robot assistant.” He said Apparently this “simple” AI will do everything from c